June 30, 2015

Turner Classic Movies – Sale and Family Movie Suggestions



Can you believe we are already 7 days into the month of December? Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Yeah, me either. If you are looking for some good movies for family at great sale prices, you might want to go over to Turner Classic Movies Shop and get a fun, or thought provoking, family movie you can all enjoy. (They also have your favorite TV shows too).

TCM Sale Section, up to 40% off!

  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Holiday Inn
  • White Christmas
  • Nightmare Before Christmas

So many to choose from, I couldn’t list them all here.
TCM Sale Section, up to 40% off!

Thrills And Chills Movies From TCM Will Get You In The Mood For Halloween


Eye of newt and tail of lizard, witches cackle and innards sizzle…boo!

Are you ready for some scary movies for Halloween night? Turner Classic Movies Shop has just what you’re looking for! How about a little Hitchcock to keep you awake all night? Are you thinking of murder (and who isn’t?) or visitors from outer space? Maybe some Arsenic and Old Lace is just what you need…(pretty tame in the scary category!)  Haunted Halloween Sale! Up to 35% off

What’s your favorite Halloween movie genre? I just watched this Vincent Price classic last week.

By the way, my next article is going to be about a real murder by one of my family members in Missouri. Check back soon!

The 1904 Murder of Thomas E Morgan – Spring Creek, Missouri

Save Up To 25% During The Leading Ladies Sale At TCM Shop

Thirty-one Days of Oscar Favorites

Have you been watching some of the Oscar-winning movies during the 31 Days of Oscar this month? This time of year it’s something I really look forward to because during these dark and gloomy days I can get lost in these award winning movies and see (again) some of my favorites.  What are some of your favorites?

James Stewart and Katharine Hepburn in The Phi...

It’s so fun to watch Katherine Hepburn in some of her early movies like Morning Glory or Dragon Seed, as well as later ones like The Philadelphia Story as depicted in the photo above. It’s said that Morning Glory closely followed the early days of her career. Right now the Katherine Hepburn: 100th Anniversary Collection available at the Turner Classic Movies Shop at a killer price.

Hepburn not your cup of tea? How about some other leading ladies like Betty Davis or Elizabeth Taylor instead?



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How To Add The Paper.li Publish It Bookmarklet To Your Bookmarks Bar

With so many people publishing their own daily paper through Paper.li, you might need to quickly add something to your current issue. That’s where the new Paper.li “Publish It!” feature comes in handy.

I’ve noticed though that some people don’t quite know how to add this tool to their bookmarks toolbar. What seems easy to the creator of tools like this isn’t always the case for people still learning the lingo and locations of things.

  • First, go to the Paper.li home page and login.

  • On the black bar at the top, click on Newsstand.

  • This takes you to another page where you will be able to find the Publish It! tab on the right of your screen.

  • Click on that tab and it will open to show you the view of the actual button you will drag and drop.

  • Hold your LEFT mouse button down as you DRAG and DROP that blue button up to your bookmarks bar. (Favorites in IE).  Hovering over the button directs you to do this. Image below is from my Firefox browser.