October 20, 2014

I’ve Signed The SSDI Petition – Have You? It’s Not Just About Genealogists!

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I’ve Signed The SSDI Petition – Have You? It’s important for you to know about this petition and to sign it to protect your ability to access the Social Security Death Index and other records as well as stopping ID […]

Implement The Star Trek Philosophy When It Comes To The SSDI


Citing the Needs of the Many Which Star Trek character said, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one”? Most notably, it was Spock in the movie The Wrath of Kahn. So what does […]

Ancestry Throws A 15 Day Genealogy Feast Starting October 1

Ready, Set, Search!  Ancestry is celebrating 15 years of genealogy goodness with their 15 days of free access to selected databases on their site.  For my readers who’ve been waiting for a chance like this, it’s finally arrived! Win Daily […]

Weighing In On Dick Eastman’s Article About Genealogists

How The Genealogy World Turns I just read Dick Eastman’s article I Have a Complaint Concerning Many Genealogists wherein he takes some genealogists to task for not understanding the real value of paid genealogy sites.  I heartily agree with everything […]

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