September 22, 2014

Living On The Edge Of The Census

1895 June, Moline, St. Paul, MN

1914 Chelton Ave, St. Paul, MN – 1895 Sometimes, you just get lucky and find a census record for your family members that shows the actual street address of the house they lived in. I was very lucky to find […]

Excellent, Affordable Genealogy Webinars by Michael John Neill

Genealogy Webinars – by Michael John Neill There is nothing closer to my heart than telling my friends about excellent genealogy resources.  Even better, these webinars were created by my friend Michael John Neill! You may know Michael from Casefile […]

That Headstone Might Not Be Stolen

  John Whitmore’s Headstone: The First One Was Broken In Shipment We researchers probably hear about headstone desecration more in genealogy circles than the average person, but I’d like to caution my readers to always check to see if there […]

Windows Alt Key Codes For Genealogy


A Good Source For Special Characters – Genealogy* Some of my ancestors were of Swedish extraction, and some of Jim’s were of German, so when it comes time to insert special characters for letters into my genealogy program or emails, […]

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