September 30, 2016

Historical Maryland Cabin Is Moved To A New Lakeside Location


The Chester Cabin “Houyhnhnm”

The cabin in this video was built in 1927 from old, dead chestnut trees from a location in Maryland. I’m purposely not giving too much information about the owners and it’s new location in order to preserve the owner’s security. I love the way the video was filmed, as well as the story written by the owner and presented from the cabin’s point of view. I hope you enjoy it, and will give it a good rating on YouTube if you do.


Alfred Smith Ruth – Washington State Senator 1865- 1915

AS Ruth 1909

Alfred Smith Ruth

Washington became a state in 1889 and we’ve had many notable politicians during the last 124 years. One of them was Alfred Smith Ruth, a native of Maine who settled in Thurston county. After doing some research on Alfred Ruth it came to light that he was a Washington state Senator as well as, in 1909, he was President of the Washington state Senate. Keep reading to see what I’ve found so far.

Biography of A. S. Smith (Please download this Word document).


USS Missouri – Then And Now

When I was growing up here in Washington state there were certain things we knew of about history and our surrounding area. One of them was that the famous ‘surrender’ ship USS Missouri was berthed here in Bremerton, inside (as it was then known) Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. You could see it from Navy Yard Highway as you came into town, and seeing it, you were impressed by its enormous size.

USS Missouri 1987

USS Missouri – (BB 63) 1987

I have a couple photos we took back in the mid 1980’s when Jim’s dad was here for a visit. He is a WWII veteran (see 

Low Moor, Iowa Honors WWII Vets

) and was anxious to take the tour of the old battleship. His ship, the Cape Esperance was a Casablanca class escort carrier. As with everyone of his generation, he knew well the name of the USS Missouri.

USS Missouri picture 2

Also in our party as we toured the ship was Loren’s daughter Lorrie and her son Brent, as well as our son Greg.  I doubt that the two young boys had as much interest in the ship at the time as their grandfather because they had no point of reference then.

USS New Jersey 1983

USS New Jersey – (BB- 62)

As an added bonus to this post, here is an additional photo, this one of the USS New Jersey as it looked in 1983. If my memory serves, it was stationed in California at the time at Long Beach. This Day in History – July1, 1985 the New Jersey was undergoing upkeep in Long Beach.

Sadly, the Missouri left the Bremerton area for good in 1985, but that wasn’t the last time she would see service in war time. She was reactivated in the early 1990’s to be used in the Gulf War. During one period of use her 16 inch guns fired over 800 projectiles. She was finally decommissioned in March of 1992. Her permanent berth is now adjacent to the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The New Jersey is located in Camden, New Jersey


USN Ships — USS Missouri

USN Ships –USS New Jersey

Original photos in this article are owned by Carol Wilkerson

ShopFamilyTree Introduces Helpful U.S. History Pocket Reference Guide


The Genealogist’s U.S. History Pocket Reference

But When Did It Happen In History?

How many times have you been doing family research and hit on a date when someone migrated from one part of the country to the other and wondered “Why did they move there?” Many times, it has to do with a historical event. It could a family moving from an area in Missouri when they had moved there just a few years before. Was it around 1811-12 when they left? Maybe it had to do with the very large *New Madrid quake of 1811-12. The quake went on rumbling for more than just one event. It started around December of 1811 with quakes as big as 7.7, and lasted until around February 1812 when there was another quake of 7.7.  The area affected was quite large. Are you looking at your ancestors migration movements differently now?

That’s just one example of how history affected U.S. residents. Even if you think you know when events happened, you may surprise you to know the actual dates. Revolutionary War, Civil War, Man on the Moon, the molasses flood in Boston…(it was in 1919). In any case, you understand the importance of having this application. Even if you aren’t a genealogical researcher this app is going to be priceless. I’m thinking of it as an aid to students of history of any age. More information can be found at:  The Genealogist’s U.S. History Pocket Reference

To celebrate The Genealogist’s U.S. Pocket History Reference release this month, you can buy it along with another handy pocket reference , The Family Tree Pocket Reference ebook , for $20. That’s a savings of almost $10!

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Source: *USGS Historic New Madrid Quakes

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