October 4, 2015

America – From Blunderbusses to Blunders

When Grandpa Had A Blunderbuss

One of the great misconceptions I embraced for many years was that the generations before mine were less educated and therefore should be considered ignorant of our ‘modern society’.  How utterly pompous and idiotic was that line of thinking?

Along Came The Sixties

Of course I was wrong. Yes, granted our country has made plenty of mistakes in the past 235 years, but up until the 1960’s we kept to our ideals, exhibited some sort of civility towards each other and had pride in our country. Now, I believe, we’re in a state of decay and will continue to be that way as our country, and the world, adjust to shifting populations, more demand and supply, and leaders of dubious intent and intelligence.

Prior generations worked for the greater good with pride in their skills and a hope for a better tomorrow.  They believed that hard work and dedication would bring them prosperity and happiness because of course they could depend on the Constitution.

Everyone knows the 60’s brought a radical change in society with the sorrow and disillusionment of the Vietnam war (we prided ourselves on ‘never having lost a war’), and we heard our schoolmates, cousins and friend’s names whispered in sadness as death after death was reported.  The idealism of the early part of the decade turned into anger and then revolt. We lost ourselves in drugs and self-indulgence that continues to this day.

The Present Is No Present

In many ways, it seems we are in that mode again.  In the 60’s we were against “the man” and what it stood for (oppression of the masses while hypocrites wore dresses in secret, and politicians or the military kept us busy being afraid of the red menace).  Here we are again, but this time our social reach is worldwide more than ever before.  We can see first-hand what is going on in other countries at a moment’s desire.

The middle east is undergoing profound change in leadership.  It’s unstable and could topple like a stack of stones hit by an Angry Bird.  Europe’s economy is fragile.  So fragile that many countries are looking for a bailout.  And, do you know where they’re looking? China! Borrowing money from China will happen and again the balance of power will shift.

Which brings me to the current state of blunders affairs.  Next year our country will again elect a President.  I have never seen a more unlikely bunch of contenders in all the 40 years I’ve been voting.  I’ve seen more astute wisdom from high school students than from these buffoons.  What are they trying to say? What are they for?  They scare me, they really do.

Will Obama Get Re-Elected?

That is not to say I’m not disillusioned with our current man in office.

I had high hopes for Mr. Obama. I thought that he would bring an educated mind along with his sophisticated demeanor, take charge and whip our sorry government into shape. Again, I was wrong.  In my opinion, he’s too nice. We needed that man who made promises and had us believing again that our country could go back to being civilized.  We’d spend more time making better, cleaner cars; we’d be able to fix our infrastructure that so badly needs it, and we could extricate ourselves from the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones and quit sacrificing our soldiers to a trumped up war.

Where will we go from here? The people of this country are emotionally, physically and spiritually tired. Tired of the lies and being treated like blank checks by the blood sucking tyrants in corporate America.  Occupy Wall Street and other occupiers is a symptom.  As long as the people are unhappy it will continue.  Maybe protests will die down when we get into the depths of the cold dark winter.  But you can be sure it’ll be back in spring. In force. “You say you want a revolution?”… I think America’s citizens are gonna give you one!

Mary Holmes of Oregon City Joins The Prohibition Movement

They Wanted No Alcohol in Oregon Territory

When I became aware that the Ken Burns series Prohibition was going to be aired, it reminded me that in my research of the William Livingston Holmes family of Oregon City, OR I had run across this letter signed by several ladies of the Oregon City area supporting the cause of Temperance.

The document refers to Oregon Territory as the location in which they reside, so this letter to the Oregon Legislature had to be written between August 14, 1848 and February 14, 1859.  This document predates the actual Prohibition Act of 1919.

Admittedly, I haven’t studied this document recently, and I’m only familiar with one signature on it, that of M. A. L. C. Holmes who was the wife of William Livingston Holmes. If you’ve read any of the previous Holmes articles you will remember that W. M. Holmes was the sheriff of Oregon Territory at one time.

Tombstone Tuesday: David and William Holmes

Find A Grave Is Making Grave Mistakes


Tumwater High School 50 Year Reunion 2011

An all years Tumwater High School (WA) reunion is coming up soon for all alumni. Here’s a copy of the email I received today from Kim Marquette. Please download the fact sheet at the end of this article.

THS 50th Celebration Reminder

Please mark your calendar for the 50th Celebration of Tumwater High School…We have many fun activities planned for 3 days of celebration, September 16-18, 2011 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Please see the attached flyer regarding planned activities.  If you are interested in the 5K run or the golf tournament please get registered ASAP.

If you are interested in purchasing 50th merchandise please go to the THS website and follow the link to Winning Seasons.  We also have merchandise available in the ASB office here at Tumwater.

We hope to see you there!  Please forward this email to all your alumni friends.

For any questions please feel free to contact me at the number below.

Kim Marquette

Tumwater High School

Athletic/Administrative Secretary

700 Israel Road SW

Tumwater, WA 98501


360.709.7602 fax


THS 50th Fact Sheet (PDF file)

You Know You Are From Tumwater, WA If…

Please Come Join This New Tumwater Group On Facebook

I’ve created a new group on Facebook for those of us who grew up in Tumwater, Washington.  The name of it is You Know You’re From Tumwater, WA If… and it’s an open group. I was born in the 50’s when Tumwater was still a popular stop on the Old 99 Highway so I remember some of the old businesses and a few of the people around town.

My Background

My brother Dave and I grew up on Dennis Street where we seemed to have the run of the area for miles around once we both got bikes. We both went to Tumwater schools from K-12 so we also remember quite a few of the kids we went to school with too.  I went to Michael T. Simmons grade school for the first grade (Mrs. Dalrymple) and then for all the other elementary years I went to Peter G. Schmidt grade school located on Old 99 and East Dennis Street. For junior high it was back to M. T. Simmons for two years and then Tumwater High School (within walking distance for me) for the next four years.

Anyway, if you remember anything about living in Tumwater how about joining the group and sharing your memories with us?

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