July 3, 2015

1932 Marriage License – John Louis Sechrest and Ruth Williams

1932 Louis Sechrest marriage

I was doing a little research for Jim’s cousin Teresa this week for her Sechrest family branch.  Teresa was previously married to Ed Sechrest and she is currently trying to fill in the blanks in her family tree for her son and his family.  The information she emailed to me said that she was looking for John Louis Sechrest, and it took a little sleuthing, but I finally found the marriage license listed under “Touis” (Louis) Secrest on Ancestry.

Truthfully, I get a little frustrated with the census transcribers when they make (it seems to me) blatant mistakes like that.  That’s a whole other subject to be discussed later though.

Please click on the above image until it is full-sized.

I was able to share the image with Teresa and her in-law Etta Mae, which was a great surprise to both of them. Etta Mae had never seen the record and she was very happy to now have it.

Next, Check The 1920 Census

In looking a little further at records on Ancestry, I found Ruth Williams in the 1920 Federal census in Eminence, Shannon, Missouri. View Census Records Online at Ancestry.com! Surprisingly, she was living with her siblings (Eunice and Bacel Williams) in the Thomas E. Bowman household with her mother Mattie.  Also in the household was Finnus Bowman, age 3 and 6/12.  If I was going to look a little further into this family, I would look for a marriage record for Mattie Sechrest to Thomas Bowman in approximately 1917 or perhaps, the year before.

Where To Look Next

There are a lot of clues in just this little bit of information from the marriage record and census, aren’t there?

  • Before I go any further, I will go back to the marriage license where it says that Louis was from Turtle, MO.  I know from the 1920 census that Ruth was living near Eminence, MO, so I should look for Louis (or John Louis) in that same 1920 census geographical area.  I like to go with what’s logical and if I don’t find the person, then I move out on the map.
  • I’ll check USGenWeb Missouri for Iron and Shannon Counties to see what they might have on their sites for records.
  • Then, it’s on to the 1930 census to see what new information crops up!

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