October 24, 2016

Newspaper Account Of Genealogy Goldmine


Envelope Please!

Here is the answer to the mystery photo I posted a few days ago. We had some terrific guesses, but no one got it right. Darn it! Here is the larger photo…are you surprised?

It’s a toadstool! My husband took the picture while he was out on one of his walks one day. Did I make the contest too hard? Sorry if I did. I thought someone might get it because this is something almost worldwide that happens (mushoom sproutings) this time of year. Are you enjoying these guessing games? Are you up for more of them?

Mystery From The Kitchen Drawer

Time for some fun! This is a part of something bigger. Do you recognize what it is? Come on, take a guess!

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Genealogists Wood Understand Wordsplosion

Yes, I did spell a word in this blog post title wrong! But I know every genealogist who visits here will get a kick out of this new site I just found.

Wordsplosion! isn’t about genealogy, but this photo on the site is just the kind of thing we family historians run into all the time. My new friend Roy Dixon would be appalled at this [right Roy? 😉 ] Visit Roy’s webpage and see his beautiful work.

How many of you have run into funny spellings of names (Lyda instead of Lydia, etc.), or worse? Do you have any examples of names that got mangled by the census takers?

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