February 1, 2015

VIDEO: Atlas V rocket launches


NASA launches its Atlas V rocket with a solar probe intended to help scientists understand sunspots and solar flares.

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Cloud Backup Made Easy

Cloud Storage? Yes, but which one?

I’m sure you’ve heard that advertising catch phrase “To the cloud”, but do you know exactly what cloud storage means and how it can be a benefit to you?

Cloud storage is a descriptive way of saying that your documents and files stored on your computer are uploaded to backup company’s hard disk. Essentially, the company you choose stores the files on their hard disk at another location anywhere in the world.

 Safety, Security and Peace of Mind

These files are accessible only by you and are encrypted (even if they somehow were accessed they would not be readable) and kept safe by the hosting company as part of your agreement with them.

I personally pay for backup storage with a well-known company. We have two computers to back up, so we have a plan for each. The cost is minimal considering the benefit of peace of mind knowing I can always get to my files. How does it work? The company you choose will have a program you can download that links to their service site.

You can choose options such as the time of day you want your files backed up, the locations of those files on your computer, and will have some sort of indicator to show when all the files have been saved. It’s a one-time setup for the program and the rest is automatic.

For us, we leave our computers on and our cloud backup occurs in the middle of the night when we are less likely to be using our computers. That doesn’t mean you can’t use your computer when the cloud backup is taking place. It’s just easier (in my opinion) to do it at that time in case there is any kind of slow down while backing up.

Top Ten Cloud Storage

If you’re looking for more information to use so that you feel you’re choosing the best cloud storage I suggest Top Ten Cloud Storage as a great place to start. They will answer frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), you can determine the plan that best fits your needs. Personally, I love a site that’s already done all the research for me and put all the answers on one site.

Top Ten Cloud Storage goes an extra mile by displaying testimonials by actual users of cloud storage hosts.  They also have a blog, a forum and a presence on Twitter and Facebook.

Investment Management Then And Now

My dad’s family, other than my grandpa Will Yates, most likely had no money to invest in the stock market at any time in their lives. That’s not so for my mom’s family who had a bit more education and so in turn, made more income and most likely did some stock trading in the 1940’s and 50’s.

It’s fun to contemplate which ones of my ancestors would have embraced new money management technology as we know it today.  Since my grandpa Al Moline was a user of modern technology during his lifetime, I imagine he would have engaged an online broker and done some online trading.

Online trading with firms such as First Trade make it so much easier to keep track of your IRA accounts, Stock Options, Mutual Funds and ETF’s especially when you can couple it with their free mobile app for mobile trading and take advantage of their competitive prices.

Sixty years ago Grandpa would have had to physically go into his broker’s office, which would have taken time away from his job as a lumber salesman in Seattle. At the very least, he would have had to make a phone call or two and hope to catch his broker in the office.  Being able to take advantage of online stock trading and money management is one of the benefits of living in our wired era.




From Radios To Plasma TV’s

In my recent family generations we’ve certainly come a long way from only having access to radios to current generations who have  plasma tv.  It’s quite a leap in technology in just the last 100 years, isn’t it?

Grandpa grew up with just the family radio for news and entertainment.  As I write this, his great great grandchildren are sitting here in their living room watching any show on the TV they choose to see.  Even at our house we have all sorts of gizmos to entertain us.  A few years ago when our old TV died we did a lot of research on brands, including Samsung televisions, and ended up buying one of that brand that suited our needs.

By the time my grandpa Will Yates passed away he had his own house with his own TV in his own room.  He could watch baseball games on his little TV by moving really close to it so he could see the action.  My dad, Gale Yates lived to age seventy-six and by that time he’d moved into the remote control and VCR age.  He started out with a “remote” that connected to the TV with a wire, and then eventually to a cordless. Still, the TV’s were big, bulky and took up a lot of room.

Our Samsung TV is only 42 inches wide, but just a few inches thick too. It’s lightweight to handle and has a great picture.  While ours isn’t plasma, I am impressed by the picture quality and ease of use for our model.  I can guarantee that my grandpa and my dad would have loved our TV.  Are your family members quick to accept new technology too?



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