July 7, 2015

Making Things Fun For The Holidays



For thirty nine years I’ve been the main shopper when it comes to buying Christmas gifts. I’ve slogged through snow drifts and been drenched in the rain, but I can say with certainty that I would rather do my shopping online with sites such as SHOP.com. It’s kind of like “one stop shopping” isn’t it?

Say I’m looking for a specific item like a Disney princess pix micro digital camera for my granddaughter, I can compare the stores, prices, availability and shipping using SHOP.com and not wear myself out trudging all over town.  Click, compare and send it directly to the grandkids. That’s what I do now and the stress level at Christmas (or any time of year actually) is almost nil.

Since this is a genealogy blog, I did a search in at Shop.com for the term genealogy. There were over 300 books, and one whole page of genealogy software I could see with just a cursory glance. And, if you’re on a budget, you can get a price drop alert. That, I like! Will any of you be giving genealogy related gifts this year?  Do you have any special gadgets you’d like to receive?

iPentimento Memorial Day Remembrance 2008


We remember those who have served their country in times of war and peace.

Top Left Clockwise: Gregory E. Wilkerson, US Marine Corps – First Iraq War era; William Gale Yates, US Navy – WWII; David N. Yates, US Army National Guard – Vietnam era; Joyce L. Moline Huntley, US Army Nurse – WWII; James K. P. Yates, CSA – Civil War (Tennessee) Center: John Breedlove – US Army – Civil War (Missouri).

Top Left, Clockwise: Richard R. Bean, US Army – Civil War (Iowa); John Whit(t)more, US Army, Medal of Honor Recipient – Civil War (Illinois); Louis Sechrest, US Army National Guard – Iraq War (currently serving, Iowa); Gregory Wilkerson (see above); James A. Wilkerson, US Air Force – Vietnam era (IA); Loren E. Wilkerson, US Navy – WWII (IA).

We remember those who have been our family and friends and are no longer with us. (Sadly, too many to cite).

We honor them with this day of remembrance.