July 4, 2015

iPentimento Now BlogUpp Equipped

BlogUpp logo

You know I predominantly blog about genealogy topics, but now and then I am going to alert you to a good blog promotion tool too. I have just started using BlogUpp as you can see in the left sidebar. here’s how it works:

  • BlogUpp! snapshots your blog and reads your RSS regularly
  • Blog’s thumbnail shows on other blogs with our service activated
  • The thumbnail is accompanied by your blog’s most recent article
  • Each 10 blogs shared in your widget make your blog discovered by 9 readers on others
  • Your widget (as shown on the right) presents interactive content (on mouse over the widget)
  • Each link clicked in the widget opens a new window, not closing your blog
  • And all this is completely free and with no effort whatsoever

They don’t accept any adult sites, only family friendly ones. The best part is, it’s FREE. Its a smart way we can connect to get more traffic and readers.

iPentimento Now In Powered by WordPress Directory

Powered by WordPress Directory

Powered by WordPress Directory

I think it’s worthwhile to promote your blog in any way you can, and truthfully, I have spent a lot of time doing just that. My latest inclusion is in the Powered by WordPress Directory. If you have a WordPress blog you might want to check into getting included into the directory too. I paid $19.95 to get in the directory for a year, but there are lesser amounts you can pay and still be included.

Pentimento on Powered by WordPress Directory page

I Am A Certified Honest Blogger!

Awww, gee….I think this is the first award ever that I have gotten for either of my blogs. Hye, at Space of Reality blog asked for comments about honesty on her blog yesterday and I was one of the lucky recipients of her Honest Blogger Awards. As my friends and family might tell you, I am honest. Maybe a bit too much so. 😉 Thanks Hye, and congrats to all the other recipients.

Certified Honest Blogger

Why is my screen shaking?

Most days, there is no reason to watch comedy on TV. All I have to do is be myself. Just today, I put a new plugin extension (is that redundant?) in Firefox that I thought would be pretty helpful since we live in an area where we have earthquakes. It’s called eQuakeAlert!! and it resides down at the bottom of the screen. What I didn’t know about it was that it has some ‘other’ features. Not only does it show me the latest quake information such as location, magnitude and does it every five minutes when there are quakes, but it also has a “shake” feature that I wasn’t aware of. This is where the humor comes in…

1964 quake in Alaska

As I was looking at a web page a couple hours ago, and trying to scroll down the page, all of a sudden the page was like vibrating before my eyes.:roll: I thought I was just a crappy scroller, but it was the plugin telling me there was an earthquake just posted to the USGS feed! Not only that, but the quake was pretty close….like about 20 miles away from me, over on the Olympic Peninsula I don’t know why I didn’t feel it in real time, but for once, I didn’t.

The funny part of this was too, that just this evening as we were discussing the day’s events, I said to my husband that there had been quite a few quakes today, and named the locations. Then, I told him, “Don’t be surprised if we don’t have one here!”. Boy, am I good, or what? What can I say? I pick up on these things.