November 25, 2015

My Secret Revealed For An Eye-Catching Email Subject Line

I get hundreds of emails each day, and most of them catch my eye by the sender’s name or their subject line. But,what really catches my eye are emails with subject lines that contain a ‘glyph’. You might also call them a symbol. In any case, I decided to try one tweak to make my iPentimento and associate blog Pentimento stand out in everyone’s inbox. If you are a subscriber to either, or both of the blogs you will notice a little colored image like this: Obviously, I had many to choose from (this is just a small sample from the cheat sheet provided by René Kulka at Email Marketing Tipps. One of the bits of advice René offered was to use these glyphs sparingly. For now, not everyone is using them, but yours could get lost in the inbox, or ignored. You take a chance of losing subscribers rather than catching their interest. I have to admit, I never met a bit of bling I didn’t like, but I chose not to use an animated emoji in my subject line for this newsletter because of the aforementioned reason.

  • Placing Animated Emojis in GMail subject lines cheat sheet gives you a good overview of how and where to use them.
  • Yes, these emojis/glyphs/symbols do work in Mail Chimp. It’s very easy to add the code by copying and pasting it into the email subject line you will fill out for your Mail Chimp campaign. If the mailing software encodes the unicode symbol properly, i.e. it should look in an UTF-8-quoted-printable-encoded subject header. I am using the most recent version of Firefox and Windows 8.1. Unicode looks something like this

    U+1F601 (in this case, a smiling face with friendly eyes).

    when added to a subject line and the email program then converts it.

Also, I did sign up to René’s weekly newsletter at first as a courtesy, but I really value his sound advice and have continued to look forward to them each Friday. Please visit his site and take a look at his articles.





Was Great Grandpa Named John GORMLEY Nordgren?

 His Middle Name Is Gormley?

My genealogical head-scratcher for the night is/was I was looking at some of my recent ancestors who might be in the latest release of the SS records and happened upon someone who has my GGrf in their tree with my pictures (which is OK, I make them public) but it shows in their tree that my GGfr’s middle name (of which I have no record) as Gormley. John Gormley Nordgren. This person who added it is connected to the Croasdill family, which includes John’s youngest child, my aunt Edith Nordgren Croasdill. Edith took care of her father near the end of his life, so maybe someone in her family ran across my Nordgren family documentation.

I think this person who owns the Chester_Chesler Family 2015 Tree on Ancestry will contact me soon so we can solve this mystery!

WordPress Users: Submit Your Blog To Apple News Now


Apple recently released the news that with its next update to iOS 9 this fall (September), and it will include a new app completely streamlined and and made for iOS with a customizable news feed. This is a boon to WordPress users because your content can be submitted ahead of time for inclusion. Like right now.

Publishers interested in signing up can visit with additional publishing tools available later this year. iOS 9 will be available this fall as a free software update for iPhone 4s and later, iPod touch® 5th generation, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini™ and later. Features are subject to change. Some features may not be available in all regions or all languages.

One thing I would suggest is that you have your image/logo ready to submit. Also, they will ask for your name, business name (if you’re an individual adding a blog, your personal name), blog name and address, contact information, language and audience choice. I chose “general” since my topics include more than just genealogy. If I’m accepted I would think I could change that to a specific audience if needed.

In the Apple Press Info they also intimated that at some point the app can be monetized by publishers.


I first read about this via WordPress Hacks (an excellent site, I must say) and you can read Kyle Eslick’s article about Apple News app here. Thanks Kyle!

FREE Genealogy Databases To Access This Weekend

Before you click on any of the links here, please prepare your research plan. As Thomas McEntee advises, create a notebook or folder in which to save your found documents. Don’t put it off until “later”. Do it as you find them and sort them later in the folder if you need to. Now, on to what’s free to access this weekend.



100% FREE Ancestry Access this weekend

That includes millions of Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce and Census records, as well as new Virginia records and others from the original 13 Colonies.


screenshot-www americanancestors org 2015-07-04 08-36-07

American Ancestors is offering FREE Access through July 8th to their Great Migration Databases 1620 – 1635. You will have to sign up as a Guest, but that’s easily done.



screenshot-www fold3 com 2015-07-04 08-53-06

Looking for that elusive Revolutionary War ancestor? Now through July 15th Fold3 is offering FREE access to their Revolutionary War Documents database. Get started with your search today!


A final thought… As you visit each site you may have to sign in or sign up. It may take a bit of your time, but keep in mind that several sites offer access around holidays and the time you spend signing up means you will already have that detail done for the next time. Happy Searching everyone!

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