May 6, 2016


Native American Nations map

I have to admit, I’m still in awe of these Tribal Nations Maps created by Aaron Carapella. It was certainly a labor of love on his part as he set out to educate us all regarding the traditional and Native American names for themselves, and the locations where the tribes lived.

It was long ago, when I first read the Clan of the Cave Bear series of books, that I had sort of an epiphany about how I was seeing Native Americans through the eyes of modern cinema, books, and adulterated history fed to us so that we would think of Indians as “wild” or uncivilized. In my opinion you need to really see them all as ‘first peoples’ who came to North America as early as 16 thousand years ago. We’re still learning, still discovering the migration patterns of these ancient ancestors and it’s important to honor them for their survival skills, their understanding of the power of our planet and stop stereotyping them in our consciousness.

I’m still learning, and Aaron’s Tribal Nations maps can help us all see the real history of Native Americans.

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1893 W B Stevenson Civil War Pension Application Transcription


W B Stevenson

Manvel, Grand Forks Co, North Dakota

[Dated May 20, 1893 when it was received by the Department of Pensions, Washington DC]


My Father was a British Naval Officer and I was brought up for that service and served in the Mediterranean Squadron. In April 1863 I deserted taking the name of Thomas Crawford by which I entered the American Service.

I enlisted in Morristown, PA (ten days after I arrived in the United States. Was sent to the front sometime in July or August (I can’t remember dates). Joined the 111th PA Infantry attached to Company I.

The Colonel’s name was Cobhan he was acting Brig General to our Brigade. Lt Colonel [T?] Walker acting as Colonel to the Regiment. The Captain of Company I was Aide-de-camp, and 2nd Lt Deffenbaugh had charge of the company while I served in it.

Brevet Brig.-General George A. Cobham, Jr., Colonel 111th Pennsylvania Volunteers, killed July 20, 1864, at Peach-tree Creek, Ga.

In March 1864 by order of the Secretary of the Navy I was transferred to Bridgeport, Alabama, to Chattanooga, Tennessee and thence to Nashville, Tennessee, and thence by river to Cairo, Illinois was put on a receiving boat for a few days and was sent on board the Monitor Chickasaw in which I served until the war was over.

I forget the name of the first Captain the Chickasaw had for he was discharged in New Orleans when we got there.

Captain G H Perkins U.S.N. took charge with Mr Hamilton as executive officer. Mr Pike, Mr. Jordan ensigns was onboard until she was laid up at New Orleans where I was sent to the hospital from which place I was sent on board the supply ship Fearnot then in New Orleans, this was after the war was over.

I would never want a pension if I could get along. I have been in the American Merchant Service since the war up to the last 12 years I came North Dakota and farmed. Small prices and poor crops left me nothing. I am at present and has been Post Master at this place for six years and there is nothing in it.

Yours very respectfully,

W B Stevenson

Manvel, North Dakota

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William Burden Stevenson 1842 – 1926

William Burden Stevenson – The Civil War Years 1862 – 1864


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