November 1, 2014

Faroe Island’s Investment In A Mega School Has Just Broken Ground


The capitol city of Torshvan on the main island in the Faroe Islands has just broken ground on a new higher education center that will accommodate 1200 students and 300 teachers. I mentioned the Faroe Island in my post about […]

Havin’ My Baby….Neanderthal

Just Say No To Neanderthal Cloning I suppose it was bound to happen. A geneticist wants to implant an embryo with Neanderthal genes. Kind of goes without saying, but no one learned anything from Jurassic Park and the velociraptors? I […]

Wilkerson and Yates – December Family Birthdays

21 Dec 1872: William Medford Breedlove [share tree] 21 Dec 1939: James William Pentecost [share tree] 21 Dec 1858: John William Calvin Pentecost [share tree] 21 Dec 1894: Julia Ann Spivey [share tree] 22 Dec 1893: Roy DeSpain [share tree] […]

Enter To Win 100 Free Color Print Postcards! Web Logo

Who: is making this offer available through my blog.  They are located in Rancho Domingo, CA and have been in business for over 10 years and one of their many services is postcard printing for your special needs. What: […]

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