October 22, 2014

D/2 Biological Solution Approved For Use In National Cemeteries

Headstone cleaned

D/2 Biological Solution Is Safe and Non-Toxic I was so happy to see this product advertised on Facebook today! None of us family genealogists want to go to a cemetery and ruin a headstone by cleaning it incorrectly. Visit LimeWorks.us […]

How To Clean A Headstone – Advice From The Artist

Mary E. and John Whitmore.

If you are planning a trip to the cemetery to clean some headstones, you should check out this advice from Roy Dixon. Roy is an authority because he designs and creates hand carved memorials for Leyda, Burrus and Metz Monument […]

Wordless Wednesday – Genealogist’s Vacation


Only a genealogist would find the humor in this cartoon! Click on image to see original   Carol Yates Wilkerson on Google+

Genealogists Wood Understand Wordsplosion


Yes, I did spell a word in this blog post title wrong! But I know every genealogist who visits here will get a kick out of this new site I just found. Wordsplosion! isn’t about genealogy, but this photo on […]

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