July 6, 2015

Come And Get Your CommentLuv Here


We waited for years, months, weeks, days…and then it finally arrived: the new version of CommentLuv in all its social networking goodness.  If you have a WordPress blog you can get your version for free soon.  I’ve always been on the list for the early launch version and so I was thrilled to install it yesterday.  Andy Bailey has (again) given us (yes, it’s FREE) a premier blog plugin and this time with ‘extra sauce’. 😉

I am an affiliate, so this link to get the version 2.9 CommentLuv plugin is sponsored, but most generally I don’t post affiliate links here unless it’s something I use or in which I truly believe.  Or, if someone wants to pay me a gazillion bucks…

So, what’s so great about CommentLuv? It’s the links to your last 10 blog posts that CL grabs and you get to show them off on someone else’s blog!  OK, enough blabbing about this great plugin.  Just go watch the very short (2 min.) video and proceed to download at your leisure.

Just to let you know too, I have already installed Andy’s other newest plugin that shows up on my dashboard and displays who left a comment so I can go and visit their blog and do the same for them.  (Hint, hint) leave a little CommentLuv! :)