October 22, 2014

Havin’ My Baby….Neanderthal

Just Say No To Neanderthal Cloning I suppose it was bound to happen. A geneticist wants to implant an embryo with Neanderthal genes. Kind of goes without saying, but no one learned anything from Jurassic Park and the velociraptors? I […]

The Wilkerson Family DNA Project Coming Soon!

Jim 23 Ancestry

    ¬†We’re Testing A Parent’s DNA Since none of us are getting any younger (Jim just turned 64!) then there is no time like the present to get this project kicked off. The Wilkerson Group DNA Project As you […]

Dual Citizenship Through DNA Results?

DNA Testing As someone who has elected to have my own DNA tests done, I can see that if the various DNA testing labs keep making it affordable, this is going to be an industry that will keep on growing. […]

Ancestry Members Get It For Half Price

Have you always wanted to get your DNA checked? I have! With prices the way they are these days though, I just couldn’t justify the amount some sites were asking. But then, I got an email from Ancestry that said […]

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