July 1, 2015

Two Tips For Organizing Aquired Genealogical Records

When I first began keeping genealogy records, I was able to save them right on my hard drive, but over time I found there were just too many to keep that as a long range plan. Census records, photos, PDF files, and even web pages need to be kept in one place, but not necessarily just on my hard drive.

I had already put many of my scanned photos and documents on disks which really makes it easy to use my computer to access them quickly.  All that said, hard drives are still the heart of any computer you can use as a holding area until you decided how to disseminate your records where you want them.

  • If you’re just beginning your genealogical research, a tip I would suggest is to make sure you give names to all your documents, or put them in some logical and format.  For instance, when I save census records I begin the file name with the year, name of the head of household and state abbreviation.
  • Before I began scanning and saving photos in earnest I created surname folders for them, and put them in a main folder I named for each designated family group.  That would be for me: Yates Family Photos and then sub-folders like Barnett, Dawson, Kelsay, etc.,  for the allied family names.  It really isn’t all that time consuming if you do it so you can find the folders and files easily. If you start out organized you will end up enjoying record keeping much more.

Do you have a method you like to use on your hard drive to keep files under control?


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Wordless Wednesday – Genealogist’s Vacation


Only a genealogist would find the humor in this cartoon!

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Genealogy Re-posts from Pentimento – 1

In a previous blogging life, I posted all my articles on Pentimento, including some genealogy-related ones. Now that I have changed iPentimento over to predominantly a genealogy blog, I am going to migrate some of those genealogy post links here. No sense letting them languish somewhere else when they can all be found here in one place. And so, without further adieu…

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Let’s Go Visit Dead Fred Another one of my favorite genealogy-related sites, Dead Fred’s site lets you upload information on where your ancestors are buried, as well as pictures and tributes too.

PSU offers space for Portland’s archives Hats off to PSU for creating space for Portland’s archives.

Medal of Honor could be back in family soon | IndyStar.com This was a great story.

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More links will be coming in a following post!

Get Your Family History Book Ready For Christmas Now

I can tell you from experience, there is no point at which you will arrive and say, “I have finished my family tree”. That said, if you’ve been thinking of putting together a book to give to your family this Christmas, the time to get organized is now. Hold off on looking for “one more thing” and just resolve to make a book out of what you have now.

While this is an affiliate link ad, I am most sincere about getting your family tree into book form.  Ancestry’s Family History Books were not available when I wanted to publish my own family tree, so I had to do it myself. I did use the Family Tree Maker program’s book section to do it, but I still had to go to Kinkos and ended up with less than wonderful looking photo pages. If it wasn’t for all my cousins and immediate family paying for their books up front, it might never have gotten done.

Maybe you’re just beginning your genealogical research and wondering which program you should use to compile all that you find. Why not try the latest version of Family Tree Maker (2009). Ancestry has a super deal right now as you can see from the above ad. I am a subscriber to Ancestry Magazine and one year for free will be of tremendous help to you.