July 4, 2015

I Just Renewed My Family Tree Magazine Subscription!

I’m Devoted To Family Tree Magazine

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Family Tree Magazine is one of my best genealogical resources for ideas and great stories by some of my genealogy friends. I renewed my subscription today because all of my issues of the periodical are “keepers”! With my latest Family Tree Magazine One Year Subscription I was rewarded with a free PDF file Forty-nine Ways To Discover Your Roots. Can’t wait to dive into that file!

While I am an affiliate of Family Tree Magazine, I promote them because I use their product.


Voting Ends For Your Favorite Genealogy Blog and Advent Calendar Begins

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Nominate A Blog

Just a little reminder that the voting is ending today for your favorite genealogy blog for Family Tree Magazine’s 40 Best Genealogy Blogs for 2011.  (Yes, I am nominated! :) ) As you can see in the sidebar to the immediate right I have a quick and easy link to the nomination page, or you can use the link above.


Tell Us Your Christmas Memories

And, starting tomorrow is the fun of the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories.  I have my first post done and ready to go. Come join us and tell us all about your Christmas memories, won’t you?

What Genealogy Class Is For You? I’m the Techie Type

I just took this quick little quiz that was on Facebook tonight. I wonder what your result will be. Take the quiz and come back and leave a comment telling us. Please.

What Genealogy Class is For You?
Techie Type

You take to the internet like a fish to water! You love online research and learning about technology. You’ll enjoy classes such as Google for Genealogists, Build a Family Website, Digital Photography Essentials or Mastering Google Search. http://www.familytreeuniversity.com/courses/view-all-courses

Fun quizzes, surveys & blog quizzes by Quibblo

iPentimento Adds Family Tree Magazine Affiliation

A Genealogy Affiliation

I’ve been doing a little housecleaning on iPentimento lately, clearing out affiliate ads that were not working for me. Today I added a new one that I hope you’ll find interesting if you are a genealogy enthusiast.

For the last two years I have been a subscriber to Family Tree Magazine and I just love it. Every article is helpful and well researched, as well as interesting to the seasoned or new family researcher

It isn’t so much that I want to make money as an affiliate for the magazine as much as it is that I believe they are one of the best genealogy teaching mags around.

Helpful Genealogy CD’s

One of the things I really like about the magazine is that they make all of their past issues available on CD, as well as their State Research Guides for all 50 states plus Washington, DC and Puerto Rico.

In the magazine the research guides are included in each issue as a pullout to keep in your records, but if you are just now subscribing they make sure you aren’t left out by making all of the guides available in CD format.

Worldwide Genealogy

This isn’t a magazine just for United States genealogists, but a resource for everyone worldwide.

Family Tree Magazine Online

Have you visited the Family Tree Magazine website yet? Whether you subscribe to the magazine through my link (I hope you do), or through their site link, I guarantee you will find the magazine a “keeper”.

Make sure you sign up for Family Tree Magazine’s free newsletter too.

Subscribe To Family Tree Magazine Today

If you do subscribe, come back and tell us if the subscription has been helpful in your research. If you’re already a subscriber, please leave a comment and tell everyone why you like it too.