May 27, 2015

Two Sweet Deals From Alibris If You Act Soon

I love giving books for special occasions, don’ t you? Alibris has two sweet deals available for the next few days. Will you be giving books this year?

Offer # 1 is:

Cherished books make great gifts from the heart! Get $5 off $50 when you buy books, music, movies or video games at and use the code SPLURGE at checkout. This offer expires November 30 at midnight PST.

And if you intend to spend a bit more on books there’s also #2:

Cherished books make great gifts from the heart! Get $15 off $100 when you buy books, music, movies or video games at and use the code TREAT at checkout. This offer expires November 30 at midnight PST.

I don’t think there’s ever a time in my life that there isn’t some book I want to get.

Waterford, Wedgewood and Royal Doulton Collectibles

queensware ashtray

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Over the years I’ve collected several Waterford, Wedgewood and Royal Doulton pieces and have them proudly displayed all over the house.

My first pieces were given to me by my mother. Her step mother Lillian Epstein Moline had some beautiful Wedgewood queensware ashtrays and I loved them so much I asked if I could have them.  I was thrilled when she said “yes”!  Mine are just small 4 inch ones, but I do have a larger one the same color with three resting places for cigarettes.

I counted up all my plates, butter pats and platters this morning and I have 14 of them in total.  Most are in my kitchen above the counters and the majority are Old Country Roses or Petite Point Royal Albert.

It was thrilling for me to find out today that I am now and affiliate for Wedgewood, Waterford and Royal Doulton.  I love being able to share their glorious products with you from time to time.  It’s the season for giving and planning ahead for special ornaments, so I’m posting a few links here to show you some in that category.

The Waterford 2011 Times Square Disc Ornament, 4th Edition

Wedgwood Santa Cameo Ornament

Waterford Housewarming Santa Ornament

These are all just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds more ornaments, bells, vases, dinnerware and decor.  Click any image here and see what you can find. Or, Find Inspiration with Waterford’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Holiday Promotions

Offer: $10 OFF $50+ Order (limit one use per customer)
Code: WWRD10D5011
Expires: 12/31/2011

Offer: 15% OFF $75+ Order (limit one use per customer)
Code: WWRD15P7511
Expires: 12/31/2011

Offer: $25 OFF $150+ Order (unlimited use per customer)
Code: WWRD25D15011
Expires: 12/31/2011


Terrific Gifts For Dad From The History Channel

Father’s Day Deals!


The History Channel Father's Day Gift Guide

The History Channel has amazing gifts for Dad – Exclusive Gift Sets, Vintage Collectibles, and spectacular Gifts Under $50.

  • Get $5 off $25 orders with code HISTORYDAD
  • Expires: June 9

Shop by June 17 for guaranteed Father’s Day delivery


Affiliate post


Making Things Fun For The Holidays



For thirty nine years I’ve been the main shopper when it comes to buying Christmas gifts. I’ve slogged through snow drifts and been drenched in the rain, but I can say with certainty that I would rather do my shopping online with sites such as It’s kind of like “one stop shopping” isn’t it?

Say I’m looking for a specific item like a Disney princess pix micro digital camera for my granddaughter, I can compare the stores, prices, availability and shipping using and not wear myself out trudging all over town.  Click, compare and send it directly to the grandkids. That’s what I do now and the stress level at Christmas (or any time of year actually) is almost nil.

Since this is a genealogy blog, I did a search in at for the term genealogy. There were over 300 books, and one whole page of genealogy software I could see with just a cursory glance. And, if you’re on a budget, you can get a price drop alert. That, I like! Will any of you be giving genealogy related gifts this year?  Do you have any special gadgets you’d like to receive?