July 5, 2015

Let Me Explain About My #Genealogy Daily Contributors

This week Lucie Consentino – Lucie’s Legacy blog, took the time to privately message me with a comment about The Genealogists #Genealogy Daily that I created.  Recently, I said “It’s not a popularity contest like the Family Tree Magazine’s Top 40 Genealogy Blogs, but a way to put us all on an even playing field. That’s not sour grapes by me, I just think there are MORE than 40 top blogs.”

But, from what Lucie could see in the content, it appeared to her to be exactly what I said it wasn’t.  I’m so happy she asked and commented because it gave me an opportunity to set her mind at ease regarding the way content is added.

Let me just explain how the GG Daily works and how it was created.  I think it was  Thomas MacEntee who created The #genealogy Daily.  No matter who created it, it’s content is a little more broad than mine because it only uses the hashtag (#) genealogy, and hence it’s name.  I chose to go another route because the term #genealogy is sometimes used by other niches that have nothing to do with family history research.

The Genealogists #Genealogy Daily was created from a special Twitter list I created soon after joining the network.  For the most part, it is comprised of self proclaimed genealogists, or people who have an interest in genealogy in some way.  I have also included some of my #history friends too, as the two subjects go hand in hand and I thought it would bring a bit more diversity to the Daily. My genealogists list is ever expanding, so if you would like to be included, all you have to do is let me know.

One thing I will say is that I have to be careful in what I post to Twitter because even if I don’t use #genealogy in the post it sometimes picks up off-topic things I say and adds it to the Genealogists Daily.  For instance, I do sponsored tweets now and then and those might get in the magazine.

I wanted to set the record straight about the Daily, and to assure you I am not just including the “popular” genealogists.  I am not without flaws, but I’m not trying to be underhanded either.  My blog has sponsors and paid links; sometimes I write sp0nsored posts but they always have a disclosure included.

It’s because I truly love genealogy and history that I write this blog.  I try to be friendly and helpful every day in some way.  The Genealogists #Genealogy Daily is for everyone. It just happened to be created by me. I hope you enjoy it.

100 Years Ago Today WA Women Won The Right To Vote

Womens vote 1910

Washington State Historical Society Photo

HeraldNet.com – Local news: How Washington women won the right to vote.

I’ve always exercised my right to vote since I was old enough to do so, but I so admire the women who stood up and fought to get their equal say at the ballot box here in our state.  Washington (caucasian) women were fully ten years ahead of the rest of the nation, and I suspect that at least my Moline and Nordgren grandmothers were fully on-board when the right was granted.



One Week Only – 3 History Channel DVD’s for $30

History Channel Store

Now’s the time to be ordering those Christmas gifts! I know it’s only October, but some of us have to budget all year for them, and this week  (until Tuesday, October 21st) The History Channel site is making available thousands of A&E and History Channel DVD’s.

Shop now and Choose any 3 History Channel DVDs for $30 – save 60%!

It’s my opinion that The History Channel has some of the best educational and entertainment DVD’s ever produced.  Not just American Pickers or Pawn Stars (and, you have to admit you do learn things from them!) but also some of the other excellent specials like Secrets of the Founding Fathers, The Hunley Secrets Revealed, or Moonshiners, Rumrunners and Bootleggers.  Which one’s are your favorites?

Gold Prices Then And Now

Jim’s great-great Grandfather Joshua Wilkerson was one of those who went to California during the gold rush and actually found gold.  At least, that is the story I’ve been told by the family members who lived in Iowa long after Joshua’s eventual demise.  I have no idea how much money he came home with, but it was enough for his descendants to initiate a lawsuit after his death.  They were seeking their fair share, it seems.

In 1849 one troy ounce of gold was worth $20.67.  I found that fairly surprising, and I can only speculate how much gold  Joshua would have had to find to come home with thousands of dollars.

Investing in gold in the current era can be much more lucrative because it’s now an open market and the price is bid upon all over the world.  If you have an interest in gold investment you might have noticed that the current price of gold is fairly high.  Back in 1995 when I first began watching the prices, it was low and would have been a good time to buy.  I didn’t have the money then, but if I had I’d be a good deal more rich today.

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