October 24, 2014

Let Me Explain About My #Genealogy Daily Contributors

This week Lucie Consentino – Lucie’s Legacy blog, took the time to privately message me with a comment about The Genealogists #Genealogy Daily that I created.  Recently, I said “It’s not a popularity contest like the Family Tree Magazine’s Top […]

100 Years Ago Today WA Women Won The Right To Vote

Womens vote 1910

Washington State Historical Society Photo HeraldNet.com – Local news: How Washington women won the right to vote. I’ve always exercised my right to vote since I was old enough to do so, but I so admire the women who stood […]

One Week Only – 3 History Channel DVD’s for $30

Now’s the time to be ordering those Christmas gifts! I know it’s only October, but some of us have to budget all year for them, and this week  (until Tuesday, October 21st) The History Channel site is making available thousands […]

Gold Prices Then And Now

Jim’s great-great Grandfather Joshua Wilkerson was one of those who went to California during the gold rush and actually found gold.  At least, that is the story I’ve been told by the family members who lived in Iowa long after […]

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