July 3, 2015

How To Add The Paper.li Publish It Bookmarklet To Your Bookmarks Bar

With so many people publishing their own daily paper through Paper.li, you might need to quickly add something to your current issue. That’s where the new Paper.li “Publish It!” feature comes in handy.

I’ve noticed though that some people don’t quite know how to add this tool to their bookmarks toolbar. What seems easy to the creator of tools like this isn’t always the case for people still learning the lingo and locations of things.

  • First, go to the Paper.li home page and login.

  • On the black bar at the top, click on Newsstand.

  • This takes you to another page where you will be able to find the Publish It! tab on the right of your screen.

  • Click on that tab and it will open to show you the view of the actual button you will drag and drop.

  • Hold your LEFT mouse button down as you DRAG and DROP that blue button up to your bookmarks bar. (Favorites in IE).  Hovering over the button directs you to do this. Image below is from my Firefox browser.