May 25, 2015

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Waterford, Wedgewood and Royal Doulton Collectibles

queensware ashtray

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Over the years I’ve collected several Waterford, Wedgewood and Royal Doulton pieces and have them proudly displayed all over the house.

My first pieces were given to me by my mother. Her step mother Lillian Epstein Moline had some beautiful Wedgewood queensware ashtrays and I loved them so much I asked if I could have them.  I was thrilled when she said “yes”!  Mine are just small 4 inch ones, but I do have a larger one the same color with three resting places for cigarettes.

I counted up all my plates, butter pats and platters this morning and I have 14 of them in total.  Most are in my kitchen above the counters and the majority are Old Country Roses or Petite Point Royal Albert.

It was thrilling for me to find out today that I am now and affiliate for Wedgewood, Waterford and Royal Doulton.  I love being able to share their glorious products with you from time to time.  It’s the season for giving and planning ahead for special ornaments, so I’m posting a few links here to show you some in that category.

The Waterford 2011 Times Square Disc Ornament, 4th Edition

Wedgwood Santa Cameo Ornament

Waterford Housewarming Santa Ornament

These are all just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds more ornaments, bells, vases, dinnerware and decor.  Click any image here and see what you can find. Or, Find Inspiration with Waterford’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Holiday Promotions

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Ancestry Throws A 15 Day Genealogy Feast Starting October 1 15th Anniversary Sweepstakes

Ready, Set, Search! 

Ancestry is celebrating 15 years of genealogy goodness with their 15 days of free access to selected databases on their site.  For my readers who’ve been waiting for a chance like this, it’s finally arrived!

Win Daily Prizes with 15th Anniversary Sweepstakes

Beginning October1, 2011 and running through October 15th at midnight.

 Each day of the 15 days you’ll check the site to see which database is available, as well as what prize is being awarded that day.  (The first database is the Social Security Death Index; the first day prize is a 1 year World Explorer Membership).

Fifteen Years:  The People Behind Ancestry’s Success

I’m looking forward to seeing all of the faces and stories of those who’ve helped to make a success. First up? Lou Szucs who has been an employee since 1996.  Thank you Lou!

Windows Alt Key Codes For Genealogy


A Good Source For Special Characters – Genealogy*

Some of my ancestors were of Swedish extraction, and some of Jim’s were of German, so when it comes time to insert special characters for letters into my genealogy program or emails, I was quite at a loss as to how to type them in Windows OS.

You need to have a numerical keyboard to the right of your letter keys to make this work.  The shortcuts don’t work with the numbers at the top of the board.  You must press the NUM LOCK key for this function to activate.

I made a small cheat sheet for myself of basic letters like this:

ALT and type #

Ä  142   ä 132

Å 143   å 134

Ö 153    ö 148

Here are a few additional symbols.  Try these:

©   Code number 0169

¢    Code number 0162

¥  Code number 0165 (Japanese yen)

£  Code number 0163 (British pound)

€  Code number 0128 (Euro)

This is just a small taste of ways you can make your names and locations more in keeping with how they’re pronounced in other languages.  I found an additional source for these Windows codes, as well as some for the Mac at Penn State’s “Computing With – Accents, Symbols and Foreign Scripts” web page.

*when I wrote this I was meaning one thing, but when I went back and re-read it, it was kind of funny in a family tree sort of way. So, I left it in for humor. :)