April 24, 2015

Amazing Books App For Kids On The Go


Amazing Books™ Application

Parents are always looking for something to keep the kids entertained in the car or on the plane.  Amazing Books is a digital popup book app for your children’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod and available for download now at iTunes.

Stories include The Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk, and My First Trip to Washington, DC.  These entertaining children’s iPhone app s even have a feature where you can view the story in 3D! (You can purchase the glasses at Amazon).

If your household has an iPad instead you can opt to add the children’s iPad app instead.

What if you’re a grandparent with an iPod? …yes, there’s the children’s iPod app too.

For more detailed information regarding the books, click on any of the links included and download your books today.  Let’s make traveling more fun!

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy – Challenge 47 – Genealogy Gifts

Genealogy Gifts Wish List

As inspired by GeneaBloggers and The We Tree Genealogy Blog

I already have many genealogy related tools and books because I’ve been “at it” quite a few years now.  There’s always new technology and books I could add to my genealogy treasure trove though.  Some of the things on my wish list would be:

An iPod Touch or other iPod model. I haven’t ever researched what model would be right for my needs.  I’d like to be able to listen to Podcasts and put some of my Agatha Christie books in one so I can listen to them if I’m traveling.

I’d like to own some books as they relate to my family. One in particular I can’t get in its entirety is The Osgatharp Family by Betty Foor. I have ordered some copies from my local library through inter-library loan, but I can’t get the whole book because of copyright laws.  I’d also like to own Cumberland County, Kentucky – Yesterday and Today. I know it’s out of print, so this is just a big wish on my part.  One that isn’t out of print that is available on Amazon is Early Missourians and Kin: A Genealogical Compilation of Inter-Related Early Missouri Settlers, Their Ancestors, Descendents, and Other Kin,Vol 1 & by Roy Burgess (Author).

All the rest of the things I would like to have are not really appropriate for a gift list.  I wish my office area was more usable; I wish all my genealogy files were in one place, and all my books were on shelves or in cabinets easy to access.

Last, but not least, I wish I could find Miles Yates and Joshua Wilkerson.  Now, those are BIG wishes! :)