July 7, 2015

Ancestry Members Get It For Half Price


Have you always wanted to get your DNA checked? I have! With prices the way they are these days though, I just couldn’t justify the amount some sites were asking. But then, I got an email from Ancestry that said they’re offering DNA testing at half the price for their members. I just couldn’t pass that up. I really want to know where my dad’s side of the family originated, so I sent for the test and my brother got it today. I just ordered it last weekend, so that was pretty quick shipping, don’t you think?

Ancestry.com DNA testing

As soon as he swabs the inside of his cheek and gets the test sent back, we should get the results in a few weeks. Hey, this isn’t CSI, I know it takes a while for the analysis. If I get flush with some more extra cash I might get my mother’s side of the family DNA done too. I have until September 30th. My birthday is September 2nd, so maybe the birthday fairy will be nice to me… 😉

I ordered the Advanced Paternal Lineage Test. Which test would you order?

Basic test types:

Paternal Lineage Test*

New to DNA testing? The Paternal Lineage Test can help you connect with living relatives and possibly add them to your family tree.

Maternal Lineage Test

Learn about your mother’s ancient ancestors as they migrated across the world thousands of years ago. The maternal test can also help you disprove family links.