July 6, 2015

One Week Only – 3 History Channel DVD’s for $30

History Channel Store

Now’s the time to be ordering those Christmas gifts! I know it’s only October, but some of us have to budget all year for them, and this week  (until Tuesday, October 21st) The History Channel site is making available thousands of A&E and History Channel DVD’s.

Shop now and Choose any 3 History Channel DVDs for $30 – save 60%!

It’s my opinion that The History Channel has some of the best educational and entertainment DVD’s ever produced.  Not just American Pickers or Pawn Stars (and, you have to admit you do learn things from them!) but also some of the other excellent specials like Secrets of the Founding Fathers, The Hunley Secrets Revealed, or Moonshiners, Rumrunners and Bootleggers.  Which one’s are your favorites?