July 27, 2015

Weighing In On Dick Eastman’s Article About Genealogists

How The Genealogy World Turns

I just read Dick Eastman’s article I Have a Complaint Concerning Many Genealogists wherein he takes some genealogists to task for not understanding the real value of paid genealogy sites.  I heartily agree with everything he says and I’m surprised that he had to explain it at all.

His analogy of ‘going to the stream for water as opposed to having water pipes run to your house’ completely sums up the value of paid genealogy site access vs going to the source in some other location. How anyone could complain about having genealogy documentation in one place and readily available is beyond me.

Genealogy Then, and Now

When I first began doing genealogy it was when genealogy programs were in their infancy and there were free sites like Rootsweb, etc.  Ancestry was just building their now immense database but I could see the value of being able to have online access even then.

I’m Doing Genealogy In My Jammies

If anyone decides to drop Dick Eastman’s newsletter it’s because their understanding of the value of a point of accessibility hasn’t filtered into their consciousness.  Like Mr. Eastman, I too hope that vendors don’t abandon the business because of complainers.  Of course, “nothing’s free” but in accessing genealogy-related websites, wouldn’t you rather have the convenience?


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