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✅ HASH / Recipe ✅

✅ Today I want to share with You the recipe of everyone’s favorite summer salad Hash.✅ Talk about the benefits of okroshka on kvass. Kvass quenches thirst, but also has a number of health properties:- stabilizes the gastro-intestinal tract; strengthens tooth enamel;- destroys disease-causing microorganisms; stimulates metabolism;- okroshka on kvass is wonderful refreshing and thirst quenching;improves heart function;✅ In the hash includes a lot of useful products – fresh and boiled vegetables, greens, protein foods (eggs, meat). Thus, this dish contains all the necessary body nutrients.✅ I decided to bring to your attention a cooking recipe summer soup (salad) Hash.Recipe:Ham – 500 gllarey potatoes – 3 stvorenie eggs – 3-5 pieces (to taste)Red radish – 4-5 stevii cucumber – 1 stcas – 1 PM you Catherine channel Cooking tips from Ket, begin to prepare a terrific summer soup (salad) Hash.Enjoy, my dear viewers!))*****************************************************✅ I Vkontakte: *****************************************************✅ For commercial offers: [email protected]*******************************************************#hash #delicious #cold #soup #cook #recipe #cooking Source: Кулинарные советы от Ket @ Youtube.

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