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10 Jul 2019 step-by-Step recipe KETO – bread from flax flour.

step-by-Step recipe for low-calorie and low-carbohydrate diet bread: KETO, PALEO, LOW CARB diets: vysokogornyh, moderate protein, malouglevodnomu ; LVC – low carb supply, PP – proper nutrition count of calories, IG – interval of fasting;OVO – vegetariana. For weight loss and weight maintenance. The number of products per serving:flax Flour – 30 g ( my 6.9 carbs per 100 g);Egg – 1 PC.; Psyllium – 4 g (not flour, cereals);baking Powder (baking powder) – 1G.; Sparkling water – 50 ml. Caloric content of the finished bread per 100 grams:147 Kcal. PFC per 100 grams:Protein: 17,5;8,75 Fats;Carbohydrates: 2,6.Exotic products:Psyllium husks or flour from the shells of psyllium, a natural source of soluble fiber. Source: Larisa Rozz @ Youtube.

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