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100 recipes of Jeffrey Hamelman

so began my path “otpca” baking guru Jeffrey hamelman and table of the Bible of all bakers of the world “BREAD. Technology and recipes”Recipe #1 Baguette in police”the Only reason why I moved away from оригиналь5ого prescription is to replace all of the existing yeast in the recipe for the sourdough)is Most interesting in this test that neither adding a single gram of sugar in the recipe , the aftertaste is of bread, sweet bread Straight magic !!Preparation of liquid Opera POLISH:330 gr. Flour пшеничная330 gr.вода10 gr. Dry sourdough or 50 or 10 grams wet. prom. to drogarati all and leave for 12-16 casamento: 670 flour 330 g water 20.salt 10 gr. dry leaven the Whole polisse knead and leave for 2 hours , to form and leave to rise for 1 hour and 30 minutes in the oven for 240СДаем to cool down and enjoy the taste )) Source: Brezel Bake @ Youtube.

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