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30 IDEAS on HOW to BRIGHTEN up EVERYDAY LIFE || Delicious recipes, cool desserts and culinary life hacks

CHOCOLATE TREATS FOR a SUMMER PARTY Meet the collection of ideas coolest homemade desserts! Surprise family and friends with fresh culinary delights! -Here is a simple and quick recipe of marmalade: mix the coke and the gelatin slightly warm, pour the mixture into molds for ice and place in freezer -Find out how to make multicolored ice cream with jelly beans ‘Skittles’ -You will love this recipe for the cupcakes: mix in a bowl the flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, sugar, melted butter, eggs and coke-I’ll show you how to make a watermelon cake in 10 minutes! This dessert is perfect for a summer party! -Learn how to prepare homemade peanut butter – this product is much more useful shops! Fry the peanuts at a temperature of 176 °C for 10 minutes and then grind in a blender. Add a little salt, dates, and Bon appetite!-In a blender, combine frozen raspberries, honey and lemon juice. Voila – delicious homemade sorbet ready!Another cool idea – ice cream with Sprite and gummy bears! Place the bears in the form of ice cream and pour soda. Now, holding the form in the freezer, and enjoy the result! -Learn to prepare a romantic dessert – strawberries in chocolate -Learn how to make ice cream on a stick using chocolate bars-Here’s a cool method of serving ice cream – feed this treat in bowls made of chocolate! Pour into a deep bowl of melted chocolate, and drop it into a inflated balloon. Then, take out the ball; wait until the chocolate has cooled, pierce the balloon and remove it from the ‘bowl’!-Decorate the party delicious homemade ice cream cake Follow our video lessons, and impress guests with delicious and original dishes! Your girlfriends also love to cook desserts? Do not forget to share this video! TIME CODES:00:09 Marmalade and Cola 01:20 Delicious homemade muffins 02:03 Summer cake on the birthday 02:29 Homemade peanut butter 06:14 Make ice cream on a stick, We in social networks:Facebook: Subscribe to AdMe shining brightly Children’s life! GO! More cool articles and videos on by Epidemic Sound: Source: БЕРИ И ДЕЛАЙ @ Youtube.

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