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COCKTAIL RECIPES FOR ANY Slucajno you like tasty cocktails, this is the video for you! It shows you how to make amazing drinks. Watching the video, you will be able to create cocktails for parties, exploring flavor combinations and choosing the ones you like. In addition, the cocktail maker and very fun. Invite friends and doing something cool!Mixing drinks is an art, moreover, quite spectacular. Some of the cocktails look like some Museum piece! Let’s start with shots similar to the brain of the alien. You will need peach schnapps, Baileys, grenadine and blue Curacao. Beautiful, isn’t it? This shot can be cooked in another recipe: mix peach schnapps, watermelon liqueur and Baileys. Another cool cocktail you get when you mix the syrup blue Curacao, vodka and fresh cream. And the following cocktail has become a classic in the 1970s and is still popular – at the expense of a winning combination: coffee liqueur, Baileys, Grand Marnier and pure alcohol. The main thing here – to observe a strict precedence of layers, otherwise it will not work. Watch the video and learn how to pour a layered cocktail with a spoon (really need some practice).And the next cocktail is my favorite! It’s called the Surprise of Barbados and recalls a Maritime sunset. And looks great! Fill a glass with ice and pour orange juice, grenadine, vodka and blue Curacao.TIMECODES:00:23 Recipes best шотов00:46 Recipe-4200:59 Brain пришельца01:09 Surprise Барбадоса03:08 Toxic Mstiteli in social networks:Facebook: Subscribe to AdMe shining brightly Children’s life! GO! DUGLAND More cool articles and videos on by Epidemic Sound: Source: БЕРИ И ДЕЛАЙ @ Youtube.

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