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61. Indian lunch: bangan Barta (eggplant), chapatis, salad and papadam (Indian sticks).

Namaste! Dear friends, my name is Irina, I’m from Saint-Petersburg but now I live in India, because married Indian 2013. Channel I talk about different ashrams, which we visited, cook Indian food at home, travel to many States and visited Indian families. In Indian cuisine, holidays, traditions, decorations, clothes, Ayurveda, interesting people and much more. As well as our life in Russia. This is the channel of the life of international couples. Weekdays and holidays, sadness and joy, life and travel, shopping and food, conversations and friends…welcome all new viewers, stay with us)))Let’s we’ll try to communicate on this channel without inciting hatred and mutual insults! Haters and louts will be banned. Rude comments are deleted. This channel is the territory of positive, understanding and mutual respect.Support the channel: Map of Sberbank MasterCard 5469 5500 3053 1872 Irina Plyusnina Petrovnoj cooking channel: Cooking together with Irina Hindi life OUR VK GROUP PERSONAL (How did I get to India, prophetic dreams, meeting with the Indian husband, and more) adventures of the INDIAN IN RUSSIA, 2017 (we are filming in “self Directed”) INDIA. HARIDWAR INDRA (the journey with my Indian family, my sister husband Indian) INDIAN-HOLIDAYS KASHMIR. THE HIMALAYAS ALL THE STONES CHARITY’S COOKING Source: Irina Hindi_Life @ Youtube.

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