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A CAKE Without Eggs and Without Butter| As a BROWNIE | Moist Chocolate DESSERT

quick chocolate cake with a taste of brownie. Recipe without eggs, without oil, shiny chocolate glaze without milk. Chocolate cake dessert decorate any tea party. ****SUBSCRIBE to our channel To not miss every day new videos!How to make DONUTS from a glass of WATER ****Recepter 300млсода 1H.Sahar 1стаканмука 1стаканкакао 2st.l in the dough and 2st.l Glasurit 2st.saharnaya powder 3st.slivochnoe oil 20гВ kefir add soda (not its pre-extinguish). Cocoa, sugar and flour mix and add to yogurt mixture. Knead the dough, bake in the oven for 30-40 minutes or slow cooker with “Baking” 40 minutes ‘heating’ 10min. The form or the Cup of grease and flour them.For glaze, mix powdered sugar and cocoa, add water. Bring to a boil, then add butter, stir until it dissolves. Cover the pie, glaze with a brush, creating a raised surface.****#bestreitet #pie #dessert #olgahitfood #cake Source: HitFood @ Youtube.

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