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A DMD R e OI of datinglatin PIZZA. Kazakh recipe.

Army:Amir ushin:• zhyly su 300 ml;• ality 2 Shay ASI;• and 2 AC ASI;• TS 1 Shay ASI;• Siy may 120 ml;• n 700-800 gr. Salasana: ( oz Elim alaplaya)• tertile et 300-400 g;• Tatyana Ari TZ,Bris;• Bulgarians brushy 2-3 Dana;• asana 2-3 Dana;• ksten tclan risk(cheese);• the Nemes ketchup tomato pastasa ;• mayonnaise the Nemes ima. ASAP crier, As bolsyn! Videoni toly KREN bolster, canola easily, like Bassar Spderman Bolan me, You. Source: АҚ ДАСТАРХАН @ Youtube.

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