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A gentle Cake-cake with prunes

Flour – 300 gr.Egg – 4 PCs Sugar – 220 grams.Vegetable oil – 150 ml boiled Water – 150 ml potato Starch – 3 tbsp Salt – deputieslocal – 10 gr.Vanilla – 1/3 tsp. Prunes – 150 gr.Subscribe to the channel! Press the bell to get notifications of new videos. Thanks for watching!More recipes:Homemade Pizza with ham and tomato-garlic sauce Tortilla with sausage and cheese for Breakfast. Quick Breakfast Tender Liver pancakes Festive salad with red fish Loaf of pita bread with sardines a Chinese cabbage Salad with vegetables and olive oil layered with tuna salad and cucumber chicken breast double breaded Pastries:Airy Croissants with apples and raisins curd pudding with dried apricots and raisins cheese Cake moist fluffy pancakes country-style sour cream Cake with prunes and dried apricots Cake “Russian” homemade yeast Cake with apples Source: Life 34 @ Youtube.

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