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His Majesty – Scrambled eggs! Lean, without eggs.#herbivores⠀a Great replacement for fans of eggs for Breakfast, but have discovered the dangers of eggs. Or just for those who actual topic #post⠀We need:✅Tofu 300g✅Frozen spinach 150g✅sun-Dried tomatoes in oil 100g✅Salt to taste✅Smoked paprika to taste✅Sesame seeds and spinach leaves to feed-you can add berries pomegranate ⠀Pour oil in the pan, lay frozen spinach, cover with a lid, give defrost.At this time, cut sun-dried tomatoes. Add them to the spinach.Grind tofu to the same handles.Salt, smoked paprika to taste. Give a stir, fry for 3-4 minutes, stir again.⠀Ready!⠀The taste is decent work, but for daily eating I do not recommend, as tofu – soy cheese!⠀Bon appetit!⠀By the way, if you want to become a master Vegan and all the food, then maybe it is in your city we are now looking for a partner! Write in Direct @vegtaste⠀❓do you have a favorite dish? What? Keep post? Comes easy? Source: Приключения Шурика @ Youtube.