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A quick lunch in the pan. The kids eat without complaint!

Hello, today I will cook a delicious Turkish lunch in the pan. Fast recipe of simple ingredients. This dish will love all your family members!Ingredients:Minced meat (beef) – 500 grammarmodel – 5 stamboliski pepper – 3 stukely – 2 smokechaser – 2 zubchika – 1 piece Bread – 2 slices Milk – 50 Laslo cream – 50 grammata paste – 1 table Logosol Black perezzie the same So be sure to subscribe to my channel and enable the bell to be notified about new videos. Awaiting your eyes and comments. Thank you and good mood!#repower #Turkish #lunch #delicious #simple #recipe #dish #kitchen #available #fast Source: Не повар @ Youtube.

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