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A simple recipe cherry pie

desert super delicate cherry pie .The dough I divided into two parts, wanted to cover pie, but changed his mind, made just the cookies of the second part .Before feeding be sure to hold the cake in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours.Corn starch can be replaced by potato or flour to try, but with a softer starch.Shape diameter 20 cm, berries can be any of your choice, fresh or thawed .Ingredients:Dough:Flour – 200 sepetka solicarnia powder – 40 slivochnoe oil – 100 gielec – 3 stmaten 20% – 2 tbsp Filling:sour Cream 20% – 500 Sahar – 150 kukuruznyj starch – 40 gbelok – 3 tsepochka of solivita – 200 vypekat 50 minutes at 180 degrees Try to cook and share ❤ . Source: Miss Holli @ Youtube.

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