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A simple recipe of spinach (no sugar, gluten-free)

Everyone knows how beneficial and important to eat greens like spinach =)But hardly anyone does it regularly. In our cooking there is no culture of eating greens. It is difficult for us to teach our children.So I offer you my easy recipe to quietly and delicious to eat a good serving of spinach, to obtain the vitamins, minerals enormous health benefits and do not harm the figure ;)Ingredients recipe “Pancakes with spinach”:100 gr chicken gr шпината1 яйцо25 меда5 grams of cooking oil (ghee or coconut)20g chickpea муки20 gr rice musipedia value of food “Pancakes with spinach” (per 100 grams):Calories: 167.6 kcal.Protein: 6.1 gr.Fat: 5.3 gr.Carbohydrates: 23.3 g.Bon appetit!Subscribe to my blog in Instagram Source: Анастасия Григориадис @ Youtube.

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