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A sweet dessert of Fried bananas in caramel with ice cream video recipe

Good evening, today I decided to make his household with a dessert.Banana is better to take a little green, not too ripe.We will prepare a dessert of fried bananas with ice cream.Recipe:Banana: stylorouge 1: 1 stoklasa cream: 1 dining room logcache: 1-1,5 dining aikaterine and labor: 5 MinuteMachine to cook.Peel banana, cut into rings 1 cm thick.In the pan put the butter, medium heat, begin to heat up,sprinkle with sugar, stir, it turns caramel,put the chopped bananas and fry on both sides.Fry no more than one minute with one hand.Spread on a plate of fried bananas,put on top of ice cream. Very tasty and sweet dessert is ready.Bon appetit! Source: КакЕстьТакЕсть @ Youtube.

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