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A typical rural lunch. Fast,Simple and Very Tasty!

the Recipe for a delicious lunch which we used to see on their desks since childhood,delicious roast fried pork with potatoes.Ideal hot for your festive table.Print the recipe on my text blog: Small please Write in the comments something good or leave any smilingly me is VERY important!I want to see people who like what I cook ⏩ n O N N And S V A Y T E S ⏪Prigotovleniyu a shovel with pieces of fat cut into pieces.Poured into a hot frying pan without oil and vihriala not yet formed at the bottom of a sufficient amount of fat for that would fry the onions,carrots and pepper.When the meat will get a nice crispy and all the fat rastopitsya add carrots cut into strips,pepper cubes and onion half-rings and passerby to a beautiful caramel color.Add potatoes cut into quarters and pour the water.Salt,perchu,cover with lid and stirring occasionally carcass until tender,a few minutes before turning off the plate, add the greens.Ингридиенты1 kg pork shoulder with салом1 kg of potatoes 1 bell перец1 луковица1 морковь600 ml of water Salt,pepper,herbs#hot #kurtoskalacs #nairo#rostovchanam #of oksanatimoshenko#podomashnemu #Natale #Lashkargah#receptas #neckarwerke#veryblue #rezeptionistinnen#esmasa Source: Вкусные рецепты & Оксана Филоненко @ Youtube.

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