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A very SIMPLE CHOCOLATE CAKE/ Crazy Chocolate

Today we prepare a Very Simple CHOCOLATE CAKE,one of my favorite biscuits. Ready in 5 minutes, not counting baking always turns out delicious, slightly moist and very chocolate. You can even cook it in the post, because it contains no eggs ,and no butter.#biscuit#biscuitrecipe#Shokoladnitsa#shokoladnyje#chocolate#шоколадныйрулет3 stack. муки1.5 Stak.сахара2 teaspoon teaspoon teaspoon соды1 разрыхлителя1/2 stack.powder какаованилин1 tsp соли3 tbsp. of 9 % уксуса3/4 stack. refiner. of the sunflower.масла2 stack. воды1 Cup=250 g. Baked 10 mins at 180 deg. the rest of the time at 200 deg.Baking time in my oven for about an hour. Check the dry wooden stick. I hope you enjoyed my recipe. BON APPETIT!!!! Source: Вкусно и просто с Кошкиной мамой! Кошкина мама @ Youtube.

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