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ALMOND MILK in 5 minutes || Vegan Family| for vegan (meatless) recipe

How to go vegan, when these are your alpro stand like an airplane wing? How to continue to cook familiar dishes, not to lose in flavor and not spend the entire salary for a litre Tetrapak milk plant?It’s simple: Buy the almonds, throw it in the blender to make VZHUH, drink, smacking his lips and sticking out his pathetic little finger! The details in the video! To see this, and don’t forget about like and subscription.Thank you for watching!Ingredients:- 150 g almonds – 1 liter of water – any sweetener to taste (invert sugar syrup agave, artichoke, dates, Mandrake and all that) COST:150 g almonds = 103 respotory, friends, write comments, would like to see on our channel – whether it be new recipes, our vegan life, painful moments.And in our cozy instagram: VK tube: Green hugs to all, friends! Source: Vegan Family @ Youtube.

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