Amazing dessert – carrot Raffaello

Want to lose weight? Just don’t eat these 3 products: Carrot Raffaello on the diet, and the preparation of elementary – no hassle! The original recipe instructs to cook carrot candy with coconut and sugar, but you can add honey or other natural sweeteners like stevia. And most importantly, those who have not seen the cooking process, it is difficult to believe that these candies do of carrots.We need:500 g of fresh beautiful carrots;200 g of sugar or honey;300 g coconut;lemon juice to taste (approximately 2 – 4 drops), you can replace the citric acid.How to cook?Wash, peel and grate raw carrots on a fine grater.Add the lemon juice and sugar (honey or sweetener). Mix.Heat on the stove non-stick pan and put the carrot mass. Dried on low heat, until excess liquid is evaporated. Do not add oil!Remove from the heat, cool, add shredded coconut, 200 g (100 g remaining leave for decoration). Mix well.Form a neat small balls of equal size, like those that are sold in these boxes Rafaello. Roll in coconut and leave in refrigerator for two hours.If you want, you can add the carrot weight of the chopped nuts or grated chocolate, and inside to put roasted almonds, turns magical: festive and delicious! And instead of the white coconut you can use different colors, then carrot candy dish will look especially festive. You can also get a waffle crumb. For filing recommend you to use paper molds for muffins and cupcakes right size. For example, as in the photo below.Serve with tea, coffee, cocoa, chicory, milk. Will appreciate even those who are not on a diet!The main thing in this recipe is not the cooking skill, and freshness of the main ingredient – carrots. It is important that the carrots were a young, juicy, flavorful.Amazing dessert – carrot Raffaello: Source: Богдан Лаптев @ Youtube.