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Amazingly delicious salad that is impossible to refuse . family gatherings Minaeva

Today we will prepare a delicious and simple salad!Very cool recipe easy and delicious !!!This Recipe is suitable for PP ( proper nutrition ) !!!A recipe from Julia Minaeva is simply prepared and delicious !!!Hello you are tuned to the family gatherings Minaeva !!!!On this channel you will find lots of useful information .A lot of good communication !!!!Minyaeva Julia will share their experiences and Minyaev Ilya learns different chips and lifehacks in village life !!!Family gatherings channel Minevich!Subscribe to YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Julia Minyaeva ( in the garden in the garden )channel Mom: Canal son Ilya Minyaev : Questions: [email protected]Партнерка AIR ( connects new channels)миняеваюлия #seminaarinmaki #Minaeva #laminai #Olimpos #gorodsad #voodoolounge #zakatom Source: СЕМЕЙНЫЕ ПОСИДЕЛКИ МИНЯЕВЫ @ Youtube.

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