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This recipe is a special milestone for Almazan Kitchen. Why? Because in the first place this video was shot on the banks of the river where it all began a few years ago. Secondly, this recipe is compulsory for all cookbooks! It is well balanced in nutrition, very colorful and flavorful: spicy, crisp and juicy with interesting exotic ingredients, such as cheese Montagnolo and Bok Choy, and of course, sun-dried tomatoes and oregano.Ingredients:• homemade stuffing• cheese montagnolo• ………Want to find a complete list of the ingredients and cook this dish myself? Visit our official site: OFFICIAL MERCH!! – Join the forest crew AlmazanKitchen today! Help our channel to grow:Patreon: Source: сербска кухня Алмазонкитчен перевод с сербского @ Youtube.

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