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Appetizer of eggplant Rolls simple and delicious recipe videos

Hello my dear! Prepare an appetizer of eggplant. Baklazhanovy rolls.Just now the autumn is the season of eggplant.Prepare two variations of the rolls of eggplant.Regular and spicy recipe.Recipe:Eggplant: 3 smokechaser: 3 substations: 2-3 tablespoons Locksley: 1 photocenosis: 1 upakovketabl plant: for architectue and labor: 10 MinuteMachine to cook.Clean the eggplant. Cut the eggplant lengthwise strips with a thickness of about 5 mm. Fry on both sides in a pan with vegetable oil.while the eggplants are roasting prepare the filling for the eggplants.Garlic RUB on a fine grater, greens finely chop.Mix the greens, garlic and mayonnaise in a bowl.Grease on top of the eggplant filling and wrapped rolls.Spicy rolls recipe is adding chopped prunes to the stuffing.Taste is funky, and can be on holiday and so to please yourself.Eggplant rolls are ready, Bon appetit and good mood! Source: КакЕстьТакЕсть @ Youtube.

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