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Appetizer of Pita bread for Breakfast in 15 minutes

Pita recipes always help me out if you need to cook something in haste.This is a recipe for a quick and simple pita bread appetizer that will take you just 15 minutes to make. We will get a hearty and tasty breakfast for the whole family, which is prepared in a pan from simple products.Today for the filling we will use chicken fillet.We cut the half lengthwise into two parts with a thickness of about 1 cm.Sprinkle with salt and pepper, grease with a small amount of vegetable oil. Fry in a heated pan on each side for 3-4 minutes until golden brown. Cut into small pieces for the filling.We cut thin pita bread into rectangles using scissors (dimensions for a pan with a diameter of 22 cm – about 8 by 12 cm)We spread the filling: fried and chopped chicken, grated hard cheese, chopped tomato.We roll the pita bread and put it in a pan.Separately, mix three eggs with salt,add green onions and pour everything into a pan as shown in the video recipe.Cover and fry on both sides, so that the egg has time to cook.Breakfast turns out to be very tasty when hot. Cooled snacks can be taken with you as a snack.Bon AppetitIngredients:Pita – 1 pcChicken fillet – 300 gHard cheese – 50 gTomato – 1 pc.Chicken Egg – 3 pcs.Green onion – 5 gSalt to tastePepper mix to taste***************************************************** **********************Subscribe to the channel! : ***************************************************** **********************MY PLAYLISTS:► Delicious Simple Breakfasts ►What to cook for DINNER What to cook for LUNCH / playlist? list = PLaPHQzS9lTcR1kjD9AcctddXJ3dovyMv3► Simple Recipes for Delicious Snacks ► Delicious and Beautiful Salads ►Pies Pies and Casseroles / playlist? list = PLaPHQzS9lTcQd7M4qWkhZ0spmDfRDo5lz►Dessert, Cake, Cream and other Sweets ► Biscuits, Pies, Pancakes ► Dishes with cottage cheese ►Canned *********************************************************************** Source: Простой рецепт @ Youtube.

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