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APPLE LIQUEUR. My recipe. The drink that satisfies. // Oleg Karp

Hardware here, Apple liqueur this recipe is simply amazing. You just have to follow the recommendations and do it all, as will be discussed below.First we need to prepare Braga on the collected apples. Wash the apples, remove the middle and tails, and randomly cut into pieces. 80 l capacity take 20 kg of apples (peeled and slit), 10 kg sugar, 1 kg turbo alcohol yeast, and add enough water until almost full. Give time to Braga played. This happens for a week. Then do a stretch of Braga, together with apples, for obtaining raw alcohol. Don’t worry that the apples will burn. They immediately float up in the cube and so it stew until the end of the process. But in this case they are in the raw alcohol to give its aromatic and organoleptic. We need to quality of the final product. Distilled raw alcohol have done fractionally, with a selection of heads, bodies and tails. This is standard procedure, that won’t stop. The product obtained, which will be approximately 93% of the fortress, insist on dried apples. It is desirable here to use apples with high aromatics and sweet varieties. One liter of alcohol we will need 5 apples, which are peeled, sliced, and dried. These blanks dried apples always have to make a reserve. They are for other useful purposes. Insist 10 days. Sometimes it will be necessary to stir the contents. When will the 10 day, filtered infusion of apples. Leave the infusion in a separate container, and the apples we use for the syrup. How to make a syrup. 1.2 l of water take 400 g of sugar, and start cooking. When the syrup boils, it pokipyatit 5 minutes and turn off heat. Wait for 10 minutes to cool slightly and add the apples from the infusion (which we filtered out). Leave for 4-5 hours at room temperature. It is very important to do to get a quality final product. The apples will give the syrup remnants of alcohol, fragrance, and taste. Now filtered the syrup from the apples through a gauze filter, and add it to the infusion, which we got before. Apples go for recycling, and combined the syrup and infusion of alcohol, leave for 2 days, so have been good for all reactions. Then filtered through a cotton filter, and bottle. Now, an example in ingredients:5 litres alcohol-based infusion, you will need 6 liters of water, 25 dried apples and 2 kg of sugar. Good luck and Good Results! My personal Blog Here I have collected the 50 best recipes of alcoholic drinks And here I picked up for You the best goods from AliExpress Manufacture of CHARCOAL. Full technology with the drawings of the equipment. Here is the link for download #regcab #blochliger #luckyrice Source: Олег Карп @ Youtube.

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