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APPLE SPICULATA (insanely delicious tart with Apple filling)

This Apple spiculata I have caused a complete delight! She will not leave anyone indifferent, especially those who like apples and cinnamon, and also loves crumbly shortcrust pastry. What is SPECULATE?Spiculata is a sweet pie made with a variety of fillings. Its main feature is the layer of crispy cookie dough. Bricola (it. Briciola) is translated as crumb, and bricolare (sbriciolare) – how to crush. It turns out that today’s pie is called “crushed”. And indeed it is. The dough during its preparation obtained in the form of chips that you want to simulate hands inside the shape, thus creating a layer-basis. Next, on the prepared Foundation laid filler on top of that crumble the remaining dough.Cook! It turns out INSANELY DELICIOUS!”Paper” version of this recipe on the link – More than 1,000 other recipes of Italian cuisine can look at my culinary blog can Also subscribe to this channel! I will be very pleased ;-)PS my technical ability is very small; the video was filmed with one hand while the other was making the pie, so do not expect anything Grand for the quality. The main thing to make it all clear 🙂 enjoying this delicious sweetness 🙂 Natasha:-) Source: Итальянская Кухня от Наташки @ Youtube.

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